David is extremely thorough. It doesn’t take him long to come up to speed on what you’re looking for, and the best options to start looking at. He even gives tips on what things to consider when buying a home, not the least of which those things which future purchasers would likely consider desirable if/when you decide to sell later on. He also checks in with you periodically after the sale (weeks/months/years after the fact) just to see how you’re doing, and if there’s anything (no matter how vaguely related to home ownership) that he could possibly help you with getting answers/resolution. He makes it very easy to have a casual conversation about anything, which in turn makes it easy to talk about real estate.

We met David through a mutual friend who could not recommend David highly enough. One of the things the friend mentioned, is that David will never put any pressure on you to make a decision, and our own experience with David mirrors that.”

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“It doesn’t take him long to come up to speed on what you’re looking for…”-Jim Carroll

Having known David for many, many years both personally and professionally, I can attest to the strength of his character and his commitment to service. As a     Realtor, David strives to accommodate all of his client’s needs with the utmost of professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market.

It’s always a wonderful experience to be able to work with David as a fellow real estate associate. He’s ethical, fair and honest and therefore I can be assured that any transaction with him will be as seamless as possible
Cynthia Zidell
Allie Beth Allman & Associates”

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I can attest to the strength of his character…..Cynthia Zidell

Our biggest thanks go out to David for helping us into our first home! “Professional” and “Knowledgeable” are words that simply scratch the surface of David’s service to us. His attention to detail that mattered to our family were what set him apart from other agents in the market. He was quick to understand what we wanted in a house, and helped us to realize the finer points of home-searching.

David’s service was like having a long-time friend give you perfect advice every time it was needed. My wife and I didn’t know what to expect when entering the home-buying phase of our lives, but he made it painless from the beginning. For working around our busy schedules, to watching our kids while we toured a house; David was always available and enthusiastic.

Thanks again David, you were great!


Brandon Reddict

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Testimony from Brandon Reddick


This is a lot coming from me. “I hate sales people, I like David Beer” He is one of the few sales people I can stand.
           -Brett Hagins

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Testimony from Brett Hagins

I would like to take a few moments and relate the experience I had with David Beer. Prior to coming to David, we had looked for houses ourselves, and contacted other agent. Many agents would badger us until it became clear we weren’t interested in whatever house they were trying to sell, and then disappear. Some agents would never return a call or a note. These agents represented both buyers and sellers. David (and he’ll tell you) is an EXCLUSIVE Buyers Agent.

It makes a huge difference.

With other companies, we watched helpless as two houses we were very interested in were sold because the agent was inattentive or busy focusing on houses that did not meet the criteria we requested. David actually listened to what we had to say, and presented us with a list of houses that actually reflected what we were looking for, not telling us what to look for, what to overlook, and when to just turn our backs. There were some houses where he walked in and said “This is not your house,” and he was right. When we did find the house, David assisted us with a very competitive mortgage company that he has experience with as well as an inspector to look over the house and a title company that was able to complete everything quickly.

Even after the sale concluded, when most agents would have taken their commission and looked for the next sale, David called us to check on how the house was going, and to assist us with any references or services we might need as new homeowners. Truly excellent service from start to finish and beyond.

Always professional, David was a wonderful help through the entire process. I would not only recommend him, but we plan on using him again when we decide to buy a new home.


Erikka Hise

Plano, TX

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Testimony from Erika Hise of Plano, TX

When James and I decided it was time to look for our first home, I knew exactly who I wanted to be our agent, David Beer. We set up a time to meet with him so he could talk to us about the process. He was so open and explained everything with such great detail, we were amazed and know we made the right choice. We started looking at home and David taught us what to look for when driving up, at first glance and inside the home. He was extremely patient with us and when we did find that perfect home to fit our needs, he moved quickly so we wouldn’t lose the opportunity to have that house.

We are so glad we used David Beer. He made buying our first home a true pleasure. What could have been a stressful situation was a wonderful experience. The extras he provided are an additional delight!

We recommend David Beer as a real estate agent to everyone.


Pepi & James Wucher

Happy Home Owners


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Testimony from Pepi & James Wucher

Dear David,

We wanted to write and thank you for all of the invaluable assistance you provided in helping us locate and purchase our new home. Our friends and colleagues are amazed when we tell them that we found that buying a house was actually enjoyable and much easier than buying a car!

We appreciate the face you took time to meet with us on multiple occasions before we visited our first open house. During those meetings, we got to learn the ropes of purchasing a home, and we really felt that you got to know us and from that we were able to determine what we were looking for. Since Nicole and I both work long and odd hours, we were ecstatic that you made it a point to work around our schedules, meeting us after work and even on weekends. Between meetings, you did a wonderful job of searching the Greater Dallas area to find houses that matched our criteria. You were very patient with us and made every effort to answer all of our questions as “naïve” first0time homebuyers. You made us feel like you were not only interested in our short-term goal of finding a house, but were also just as interested in our future happiness. It was obvious that we had a partner and an ally in the process.

After the selection of the home was complete, you did a wonderful job of negotiating the final sales price, and kept us informed at every step of the sale. Again, you level of communication and support were fantastic. We were amazed at your tenacity and willingness to perform the legwork that we simply did not have the time to put forth. You provided us with a variety of qualified and competent professionals for necessities such as home loans, home warranties, inspection, etc. We appreciated that there was no obligation to select from your recommendations, and this was being provided solely as a service to us. But, after doing some homework, we decided we could do no better on our own! On the contrary, we were so pleased with the quality of individuals that we were dealing with that we were somewhat sad when the process ended; we enjoyed interacting with everyone we met.

Since the purchase, you have periodically checked in with us, which is highly appreciated. Being a first time homeowner, there are many post-sale items that we were not aware of. You have been a wonderful resource over the past year for our questions ranging from termites to taxes. We realize that this type of service in invaluable, and something that is rare in the industry. Throughout the search for our home and since them, it has been nothing but a positive experience. We consider you a partner and a friend as we grow into our home.

We have since recommended you to several of our friends and colleagues, and we wholeheartedly recommend David Beer to anyone looking to buy a home in the area!


Kory Goldhammer, Ph.D

Nicole Cunningham

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Testimony Kory Goldhammer, Ph. D

First of all let me say I am sorry that it has taken so long to get this letter out to you. Most of my time these days is consumed by hospital and doctor visits and many days it is difficult to sit at the computer and write.  David has been witness to some of my battles.

When I first spoke with David I told him that one of the most important reasons for the search for a new home was to make sure that, whatever happened to me I wanted to know my wife had a place to call home that was safe, and comfortable, and in the price range we needed.. David has also been witness to the extremely bad conditions that we were living in with black mold on the walls, rotting cabinets, bugs and more. David has stayed on track throughout all of the “Hitches in our giddyups” as he was so fond of saying.

I do not know how to put into words how wonderful it has been to work with everyone connected to our home purchase. I dare say we were probably the most difficult sale that David has ever been involved with.

In March I had an extended hospital stay. David called me every day and on several occasions he came to the hospital and sat with me. At one point the Docs did not know if I would make it through the night. David stayed with me at the hospital and he was great with my wife as she was so very unsure of what the future held. He was great at helping us keep focused during all of the health ups and downs.

Everyone involved in our home purchase made us feel like we were a member of their family.  No one made us feel like we were a bother to work with even though it would have been very easy to just not mess with us and move on to easier customers.

It would take many pages to mention how many times David had to jump through hoops to keep our purchase on track. I also want to thank Jill Clifton at Centurian Mortgage. She came to the rescue when we thought all was lost. One Sunday afternoon I sat with my wife in the middle of the living room floor as she was crying her eyes out. We had just been informed that we had run into a major problem that seemed to have no answer. Within 15 minutes Jill had come up with the answer and we were able to proceed with our purchase. To highlight one more miracle that David and Jill made possible, one of the homes that we really liked was out of our price range. David was able to get the sellers to come down on their price to the range we could afford and Jill was able to secure the financing to put us in this home.

Both David and Jill have been the answer to many prayers and we will remember them always as very close friends and valuable business associates. We will tell everyone in earshot of our wonderful friends at Century 21 and Centurian Mortgage.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ed and Rhonda Long

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Testimony Ed & Rhonda Long